What Our Customers Are Saying – PoliGlow

What Our Customers Are Saying


I have an 18 year old bright orange 30ft faded boat, I have tried many products over the years. Poly Glow made her look brand new no s..t in six hours,whole boat. I want to thank the people that made this stuff. My boat looks awesome


I am glad I had ordered the deluxe kit. I have a 2014 Lacrosse travel trailer with a dark front end. The Cap had bleached out while in Florida at the top and on the sides. Since I ordered the deluxe kit the Poli ox powder cleanser was needed for the darker color to remove the bleached out area. The online videos were a great help showing how to use the product. After scrubbing and getting the same color all throughout the cap I was able to apply the Poli glow. The final result of the trailer looks new again.


This is such a great product, really amazing. If you have an older RV/Boat this along with the polish will make it almost look new. I would not use it on a new RV/Boat; it is made for restoring an older oxidized finish. We used it on 2 of our boats and one RV.

-S. Pretti

My third year using Poli Glow on my 1987 Ericson 32. I think this stuff works great!


have used PoliGlow on the hull of several boats for many years. It is easy to prepare the surface and easy to apply. I watch others labor over compounding and waxing their hulls each season while I finish a large hull in just a few hours without breaking a sweat. And PoliGlow looks terrific not just for a short time but for all year. And there’s no risk because it can also be easily removed if for some reason a buyer would rather
labor over waxing.

-Jeome G.

Made my trailer that was super dull and very oxidized, nice and shiny. Took some work but results are nice!


Poli Glow did what we had hoped! It restored the shine to our 1978 Fiberglass trailer! Read the instructions and DO the prep and cleaning work prior to applying Poli Glow. It takes some effort, but is important. The cleaner included in the kit does an amazing job!! No need for other cleaners, which I had on hand. Gave the trailer a nice EVEN finish before sealing it with the Poli Glow. Instructions stated that applying the Poli Glow was the "easy" part, and, despite the time it took to apply 6 coats, it was. Advised to reseal with a couple more coats every 6-12 months, which we plan on doing at the beginning of every summer season. We'll wait and see how well it holds up, but we're happy so far.

-David P

This stuff was easy to use and made such a HUGE difference on our boat. I searched for the product with the least amount of elbow grease needed.

The prep ahead of was where the most effort came. We scrubbed ( really really scrubbed) the boat down 3x before we were satisfied. Applying the wet look was time consuming but so worth the time and effort.

I worked on our boat for 6 hours. It's a 23 foot cuddy so not huge. 2 of us scrubbed but after that it was just me. Well worth it in our opinion.

My pics aren't great but gosh, I can totally see my reflection on the boat.

-John G

Follow the directions exactly as stated. Made my camper look brand new. Wish I would have taken a bit more time to scrub oxidation on the bottom. I used 3-1 ratio of prep, for hard oxidation I would use 2-1 in future. Overall very happy and definitely recommend. Neighbor already bought the kit himself after seeing the transformation.

-Robert M

First it does take a bit of labor to get the surface ready like everything else; the prep work makes the difference. I'm really happy with the end result. You can see the improvement from the photo.


I bought a pair of old jet skis and of course they looked like they've never been under a cover. At first, I thought I was going to have to wet sand and power buff the fiberglass, but my buddy sent me a link to this stuff and I'm glad he did. Honestly I saw the good reviews and thought I'd give it a try. A picture is worth a thousand words. The red and purple one is a 1998 model, so it's 20 years old and now it looks new again, other than some of the plastics.

-Paul M

Really improved my 1979 galsstron! Easy application, enough for a couple coats!


I didn’t really know what to expect. Our travel trailer was encrusted with dead love bugs after a Florida trip this spring. In the process of trying to

scrub off the dead bugs most of the factory shine came off as well. Figured I’d try this and see if I could restore the shine. Results were excellent - shines like the day we bought it. Key to success is following the instructions to the “T”. I put on seven coats after the Poli-Glow cleaning process. Take your time and do it right - you’ll be happy with the results!


Used Poli-Glow gel coat restoration on a 2017 pull-behind RV that sits with the end cap in the sun constantly. Noticed it earlier this year, and used Poli-Glow today to restore the shine to a very dulled area (photo with ladder shows top still in poor condition after I'd made several passes from below the Coleman sign with Poli-Glow.) Other photo shows finished product. Read and follow the directions and you'll get great results. Now...just hope it holds up. We plan to make a cover for the end cap, but the Poli-Glow itself is amazing.


Poli Glow is awesome. I included a pic of about 4 coats on a 28 year old motorhome. You can see the before and after difference.

-Steve W.

Made a 28 year old heavily oxidized dark hull boat look almost new. Took some effort to apply but well worth the effort. Time will tell how long it lasts.

-Brian R.

The exterior of my 99 Chris Craft Sport Deck 23 was in really rough shape when I bought it. Someone had tried sanding it and buffing it to try to get the gel coat to come back. I tried the same with very
short term results.. Within a week it was back to its dull self again. I
searched the internet to find an answer on how to get the finish back and all my searches pointed me to Poli Glow. I am so glad I found this product! Prepping the surface is the hardest part of the process. I used to Poli Prep,
but then had to go over it with some Magic Erasers to remove stubborn stains etc. After using the Magic Eraser I went over the whole boat again with the
poli prep.. Now it was on to applying the Poli Glow! I worked in sections both above the rub rail and then below putting 5-6 coats on the boat. All in all it
took me roughly 5 hours to complete from prepping to applying the last coat of glow. To say I am impressed would be an understatement! I'll let the picture do the talking.

-Jeff S.

I have learned to put the Poli Glow Finish on in 4-5 coats light to avoid any unevenness. It has been working for me for 20+ years. In particular i have used it on the underside of hatches, bilge, lockers, etc. the original application in 1991 is still great and sealed the little pours Fiberglas has and grows mildew in. I don't have that issue and it makes cleaning so much easier. My 1988 boat is now almost 30 years old and I don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon.