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Look no further than this incredible, all-purpose, multi-surface, durable microfiber towel that will address all of your cleaning, drying, and buffing needs. Most all-purpose microfiber towels are less than 250 grams per square meter, and the microfiber is woven into 100% polyester. These 16"x 16" towels are thicker and heavier at 320 grams per square meter; this blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide makes it of higher quality than the average microfiber towel.  This towel is manufactured to be extra softmore absorbent, and more durable than all other all-purpose towels on the market. They're lint-free terry-type microfiber towels and are made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers, which allow the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive. They are safe to use on smooth and coarse surfaces and automotive finishes.

The open spaces in the fibers created by the splitting process are what give the towels their ability to hold dirt as well as their ability to absorb liquid. The edges of the towels are sewn with four-thread overlock stitching, which greatly increases the life of the towel. 

  • Terry Microfiber

  • 320 GSM

  • 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide Blend (80/20)

  • Overlock Stitched Edging

  • Highly Absorbent

  • Clean More Effectively with Less Effort

  • Non-Abrasive

  • Lasts Hundreds of Washings

  • Safe to Use on All Surfaces

To Use:  Fold the microfiber towel twice. This gives you eight cleaning surfaces with each towel.