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Safety Data Sheets

Please find the product name and a brief description, click on the linked product name for access to the safety data sheet and the corresponding CA-Right to Know Substance List.

Product Name/SDS link Description Right to Know Substance List

Poli Glow®

 Water-based acrylic polymer with UV inhibitors

Poli Glow® SB258

Poli Grit™

 Restores and protects non-skid areas of the boat.

Poli Grit™ SB258

Poli Interior Detailer™

 Professional-grade interior cleaner and protector.

Poli Interior Detailer™ SB258

Poli Leather & Vinyl Pro™

Professional-grade leather and vinyl cleaner and conditioner. Poli Leather & Vinyl Pro™ SB258

Poli Ox™

Oxidation remover. Poli Ox™ SB258

Poli Prep™

Cleans and prepares
the surface in preparation for Poli Glow®, removing wax build-up and oxidation.
Poli Prep™ SB258

Poli Slick Seal™

Professional-grade, hyper-slick surface protectant for new and used boats, RVs, and cars. Poli Slick Seal™ SB258

Poli Super Spray™

Waterless detailer designed for new and used boats, RVs, and cars. Poli Super Spray™ SB258

Poli Wash™

PH-balanced, and Poli Glow® safe wash. Poli Wash™ SB258

Poli Wash Pro™

Poli Wash Pro SB258

Poli Strip™

Removes Poli Glow. Poli Strip SB258