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If you own a Boat or RV, you've invested in something that will bring you and your family many memories. Travel the country, see beautiful sites, meet people in different campgrounds, pull in that great catch, and take in the wonder of the waterways; what a great way to live!

Our experiences are more memorable when our Boat or RV looks its best. It is like driving down the road in a brand-new sports car that has been recently detailed. Remember when you first picked it up, the brand new look, that brilliant shine? You couldn’t wait to get it out there on its first adventure. We want to capture that look and feeling for you and keep it as long as possible.

At Poli Glow® Products, we understand how important this is and have developed the products and tools you need to care for your prized possession, whether your Boat or RV is brand new or has been around for a while and showing its age.

Most Boats and RVs are made of fiberglass with a gelcoat surface that protects the fiberglass and looks brilliant when it is brand new. Some have full body paint with a clear coat, and some RVs are made with corrugated painted aluminum (“stick-and-tin” RVs). Regardless of the surface construction, the UV radiation from the sun, moisture, and high temperatures will cause degradation of the surface finish. The shine will fade, stains can set in, and the appearance becomes aged. This process is called oxidation.

The oxidative process can be decelerated on new vehicles without exhaustive measures with our New Boat & RV products. If the oxidation has already taken its toll, we have the products you need to restore the brand-new high gloss appearance with our Older Boat & RV products.

New Boats and RVs

I know what you're thinking….I own a new Boat or RV, and I don’t want it to lose its shine and look dull and dingy. What should I do?

At Poli Glow® Products, we’ve got your back. We want to help you detail your Boat and RV to keep that beautiful high gloss shine and slow down the process of oxidation, easily remove stains, and keep the dash and interior clean with the Poli Glow® line of products you deserve:

Poli Wash™: pH balanced, high-sudding, biodegradable, tough on dirt wash, safe on gelcoat, clear coat, paint, and Poli Glow®

Poli Slick Seal™: hyper-slick, high gloss, highly hydrophobic spray-on ceramic sealer and protector, UV inhibitor infused for protection against oxidation and loss of shine

Poli Super Spray™: waterless non-silicone multi-surface detailer removes water spots, dirt, superficial stains, and fingerprints, leaving a glossy shine

Poli Interior Detailer™: multi-surface, polymer-based, non-greasy, streak-free cleaner and protector on dash and interior surfaces

Poli Leather & Vinyl Pro™: non-greasy, nourishing cleaner and protector with premium conditioners, including lanolin and beeswax

We also Find these products under the “New Boat & RV” section of the Products tab. Our easy-to-apply products will help your Boat or RV maintain that brand-new look all season long and slow down the process of oxidation. Just spray on and wipe with our high-quality microfiber towels that collect dirt and reveal the high gloss shine!

Older Boats and RVs

When oxidation starts to set in, the gloss will disappear. It is frustrating to watch the shine and colors fade, the decals crack and peel, and stains set into the surface of your Boat or RV. Maybe you own an older Boat or RV that you’ve been meaning to work on to restore that high gloss shine and a brand-new look.

The long-standing traditional view to accomplish this has been to break out your buffer, compounds, and a good wax and get to work. With traditional waxes and polishes, a long-lasting glossy finish is nearly impossible to achieve. The upkeep is burdensome, requiring compounding, buffing, and the reapplication of a sealer every few months.

The GOOD NEWS... we have solved the problem with Poli Glow®, a revolutionary restoration system developed over 25 years ago to restore, seal and protect your Boat or RV, bringing back that high gloss finish it once had. 

Poli Glow® is a simple process designed to avoid the problems of traditional waxes and polishes and provide a long-lasting protective finish.

The Poli Glow® line of products will remove the oxidation and seal the fiberglass surface. The high gloss Poli Glow® finish contains state-of-the-art UV inhibitors, providing long-lasting shine and protection for up to 6 YEARS with very little maintenance. 

Poli Glow®: revolutionary, long-lasting, high gloss sealer and protector with UV inhibitor

Poli Prep™: concentrated cleaner that removes oxidation and stains to prep the surface for the application of Poli Glow®

Poli Ox™: heavy-duty cleaner for more significant oxidation and staining

Poli Grit™: provides traction with sealing protection to the anti-skid areas of your Boat

Poli Strip™: the concentrated stripper to remove Poli Glow® for the maintenance program

You will find these under the “Older Boat & RV” section of the “Products” tab. There you will find all the accessories you need to help with prepping and applying Poli Glow®. Check out the White Non-abrasive Scrub Pad and the Ultra-fine Sanding Pad to help remove oxidation and stains, along with  the Poli-Mitt™ applicator to apply Poli Glow®. You will not be disappointed, especially when your friends ask you when you traded in your Boat or RV for a new one!

So whether you have a brand new Boat or RV with a high gloss shine or an older vehicle showing its age, we have the products you need, deserve and afford. With the Poli Glow® line of products, you can care for, seal, and protect your prized possession and not worry about losing the shine in a few months. Our products are easy to apply and allow you to spend less time detailing, less time worrying, and more time making memories.

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