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The Mitt Applicator™ was designed to replace the 7″ hand-held chamois applicator.

Preparation of Mitt Applicator™ with Poli Glow®: Dampen the Mitt Applicator™ with fresh water, wring out, wrap in a towel, and again wring out the remaining moisture. During application, the Mitt Applicator™ may have to be rinsed out from time to time. Repeat the initial process and resume the application. The Mitt Applicator™ should be damp, not wet. Always wear rubber or plastic disposable gloves under the Mitt.

Application of Poli Glow®: Drizzle several lines of Poli Glow® onto the palm of the Mitt Applicator™. The mitt should be moist, not dripping wet. Apply Poli Glow® by wiping in one direction (similar to painting varnish), top to bottom, or side to side. Do not wipe in a circular motion; instead, work in a 4’x 6’ section. Each coat dries in approximately 1-2 minutes (depending on temperature). Apply 4 to 6 coats of Poli Glow® and move on to the next section.