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ABOUT POLI PREP™ So you bought a Boat or RV. Right now it looks great… new and shiny. Over time, exposure to the elements - UV radiation from the sun, moisture, and extreme temperatures, causes the gelcoat to break down....
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So you bought a Boat or RV. Right now it looks great… new and shiny.

Over time, exposure to the elements - UV radiation from the sun, moisture, and extreme temperatures, causes the gelcoat to break down. This chalky residue is actually the breakdown of the polymers in the gel coat. The elements can also cause cracking or peeling and fading of the decals, and a bleached out look to the colors in the gelcoat. Your Boat or RV now looks old and worn out.

Not good. As it degrades, the gelcoat loses its protective barrier and becomes even more porous, allowing water and dirt, or oil, gas, and other byproducts from the waterways and roadways to get in and damage and stain that precious gelcoat of your prized possession. 

To prevent oxidation, you know you need to seal it with Poli Glow®. But before you seal it, you need to get rid of all that nasty oxidized gel coat, stains, dirt, and grime, so that Poli Glow® can penetrate into the pores of the gelcoat and properly seal and protect your Boat or RV.

So how do you remove this deteriorated layer and uncover the colors without damaging your Boat or RV’s sensitive underlying fiberglass structure or stripping the decals?

That’s where Poli Prep™ comes in.

Poli Prep™ cleans your vehicle’s surface by loosening the oxidation allowing it to be rinsed away before the application of Poli Glow®.

Here’s how it works: Poli Prep™ will rid your Boat or RV of oxidation from sun exposure, and light stains from fuel, oil, tar or dirt, and will even remove old wax or spray-on ceramics. This prepares your vehicle for Poli Glow® application by creating a clean, even surface. Get that #glossthatsboss™  when you apply Poli Glow®.

Here from a few satisfied Poli Prep customers

“Been using this stuff for years. It's a great cleaner. Removes old wax and preps for application of Poli Glow.” -Rev J.

“Works with the Poli Glow kit and works great! Needed extra cleaner due to having 2 boats to treat each season.” -Lee H.

  1. Dilute the Poli Prep concentrate at a 3:1 ratio of water to product in a trigger spray bottle.

  2. Wet your boat or RV’s surface with water.

  3. Spray the diluted Poli Prep™ mixture on to a 4-6 foot section.

  4. Scrub vigorously with the non-abrasive scrub pad with blue handle and then rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat as necessary.

  5.  Let it air dry or use our 550 GSM Microfiber Towel to dry your vehicle.

  6. Once you have created a uniform, oxidation-free surface, your vehicle is now ready for Poli Glow® application! 

Please note: Refer to the Complete Guide to Poli Glow® for more detailed directions for use.

If your Boat or RV has been exposed to the elements for many years without any protective sealer, you may have heavy oxidation or stubborn stains. Our Poli Ox™ product will be necessary. In this case. We recommend the Poli Glow® Deluxe Kit for your convenience, which includes all the products you need to remove the oxidation and apply that high gloss shine.

When to purchase an individual bottle of Poli Prep™ concentrate:
  1. If you need to remove oxidation and staining from the surface of your Boat or RV before you apply  Poli Glow®.

  2. If you purchased a Poli Glow® Deluxe Kit and your Boat or RV is longer than 28 feet.

  3. If you used all of your Poli Prep™ concentrate and need more.